Rose Quartz - Small Sand

Size: Between 0.25mm and 0.425mm
Mohs Scale: 7

Welcome to my gemstone shop, please take a moment to view all the different products available. The gemstones are offered in different sizes, from rough chips to ultra fine powders. Use of gemstones may include wood inlays, paint additives, candle making, orgonite and other resin art, like in jewelry making.

All my gemstones are personally selected, cleaned and then inspected before they are processed to ensure you receive a trusted product that is 100% gemstone with zero added filler.

Packaging of the gemstones:
1oz and 4oz - packaged in bags
8oz and 16oz - packaged in black containers

Rose Quartz - Small Sand

    • Pure Gemstone (no filler)
    • Bewteen 0.25mm and 0.425mm
    • Used in: Inlay Art, Resin Art
  • Orders are shipped in a timely manner, most orders will ship next business day.